Our Staff

Marnie Roch

Marnie Roch has worked with preschool aged children for over 20 years. She received her Diploma in Early Childhood Development from Grant MacEwan College. She is certified as an Early Childhood Supervisor with Alberta Children’s Services. Marnie is very pleased to be working with Parkview Preschool, where she has been both a parent and a board member. She lives nearby with her husband and two sons.


Preschool Philosophy

The primary purpose of preschool is to aid in your child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. These objectives are achieved through an emphasis on the following:


  • Developing responsibility for belongings
  • Being cooperative, sharing with others, taking turns
  • Being courteous, prompt, friendly and helpful
  • Sitting and listening quietly
  • Talking in a clear, confident voice
  • Having healthy attitudes towards community members (e.g., police, firemen, etc.)



  • Adjusting and being happy in a group setting away from home
  • Overcoming shyness and making new friends
  • Controlling tempers and tears
  • Having a feeling of self-worth and satisfaction in what is done
  • Coping with feelings of anger, jealousy, frustration, etc.


  • Developing large muscle control through games, exercises, and action songs
  • Developing small muscle control through printing, scissor use, painting, etc.
  • Establishing desirable health habits (e.g., hand-washing, etc.)


  • Developing language and listening skills
  • Increasing awareness of the world and the people around him/her
  • Being able to think for himself/herself and sharing ideas with a group
  • Developing curiosity, creativity and imagination
  • Understanding and enjoying holidays and seasonal times


  • Create art using different mediums (markers, crayons, glue, paint, playdough, etc.)
  • Providing opportunities to mimic an example or create something completely original during the daily craft activities