Preschool Activities

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The goals of our preschool involve achieving developmental milestones in the areas of:

  • Conceptual and Cognitive Development
  • Motor Skills Development (Fine and Gross)
  • Learning Creative Expression
  • Executive Function, Task Completion and Focus
  • Language Skills and Communication
  • Psychosocial Development

These are achieved through classroom activities in our Preschool programs which includes:

  • Free time to play and share toys, puzzles and books etc.
  • Story time and songs with and without actions
  • Exercising to music with tapes and rhythm instruments
  • Crafts, painting, colouring and cutting
  • Show and share (on assigned days)
  • Class parties for special holiday days
  • “Busy Bee” responsibilities
  • Kindergarten preparedness


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Class Schedules

A Day at Parkview Preschool

Students and parents will become familiar with this process at drop off:

  • sign in on the sheet by door (required every day – including phone number)
  • assist with changing into indoor shoes (wet/muddy boots will go on a rack)
  • hang coat and backpack on child’s hook
  • child carries snack bag to classroom
  • proceed up the stairs and wait with your child until teachers open the classroom door

Once the students are in the classroom, here is what a typical day will look like:

  • free play time as children arrive – varied activities including puzzles, play dough, small imagination toys, building toys, etc.
  • children assemble on the carpet for daily routines that include instructions about new activities, discussing current classroom themes, calendar and stories
  • center time for children to explore, cooperate, create and play, where teachers interact and support learning objectives
  • snack time – children wash their hands, find their place mat and enjoy a small, healthy snack together
  • gym time – children regularly head downstairs to the gym for physical activity -dancing, sports and games
  • show and share – during the last 10 minutes of class, the “Busy Bee” has an opportunity to present a special belonging that the class learns about through asking questions

At the end of class, the children will be released either from the gym or the classroom once a designated adult has arrived.

  • check your child’s basket on the shelf above the coats for any mail/crafts to go home


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3-Year-old Program

Children enrolled in the 3-Year-Old program must be three years of age and toilet trained.

The program is offered Tuesday and Thursday 8:50 to 11:20 am or Monday and Wednesday 1:00 to 3:30 pm

3-Year-old Program (5 hours/week)

Annual Fee $1,200.00 (less $50 if paid annually – $1,150)
Monthly Fee $120.00


4-Year-old Program

Children must be four years of age by March 1st, of the school year they will be attending. This is the current entry deadline for the school system.

The program is offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:50 to 11:20 am,

4-Year-old Program (7.5 hours/week)
Annual Fee $1,600.00 (less $50 if paid annually – $1,550)
Monthly Fee $160.00